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Why step out of your house when you can recharge online via Safeupi! Recharge your mobile, DTH, data card, etc anytime and from anywhere within seconds and get incredible offers.

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You do not need to fumble for your money. Your money will be reflected automatically in your bank account.

One App- Multiple Payments

With Safeupi, you do not need to deal with the heck of paying electricity bills, water bills, gas, and others. Make an online payment to your utility service providers within seconds and get exciting returns.

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Avail the benefits of earning a mandatory commission every time you make a transaction using Safeupi.

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Get alluring deals and cashback on every recharge you make. Don’t miss out to stay tuned on Saturdays for thrilling offers.

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Best Wallet Experience

Recharge or pay using Safeupi and get incredible discounts, cashback, and more. Just scan and pay using Safeupi.

Add money and earn

Get assured commission every time you add money to your Safeupi wallet. The ROI depends on the kind of plans you have opted for- Zero Tier, Basic Tier, Ultimate Tier, and Leader Tier.

Endlessly rewarding rewards

Get endless rewards with every transaction you make using the Safeupi wallet.

Your money in safe hands

We understand the value of your hard-earned money and thus, we keep your money protected via high-class security and there are no risks of fraud or hacking.

One e-Wallet for all digital payments

The ultimate platform for digital merchants

Get digital secured payment solution to cater to the market needs while supporting the growth of your business

Cashless Supply Chain and Financial Services

Get a cashless supply chain solution for distributors and retailers. Get instant access to microfinance and grow your business.

Plans That Matter

Transactions are made rewarding with Safeupi
Add money to the Safeupi wallet or accept payment using your Safeupi account and avail the benefits as per your chosen plan.

Zero Tier Member

6% Cashback

Transaction Between

500 to 5000

Daily Withdrawal Limit

500 to 800

Daily Recharge Limit

100 to 500

Referral Benefit


Daily Payouts

Basic Tier Member

7% Cashback

Transaction Between

5001 to 10000

Daily Withdrawal Limit

800 to 1500

Daily Recharge Limit

300 to 1000

Referral Benefit


Daily Payouts

Ultimate Tier Member

10% Cashback

Transaction Between

10001 to 30000

Daily Withdrawal Limit

1200 to 2500

Daily Recharge Limit

500 to 1500

Referral Benefit


Daily Payouts

Leader Tier Member

12% Cashback

Transaction Between

30001 to 100000

Daily Withdrawal Limit

2000 to 3500

Daily Recharge Limit

1500 to 3000

Referral Benefit


Daily Payouts