What is Safeupi ?

Safeupi is an online wallet website, designed to make your transactions simpler and easier. Using Safeupi , you can avail the benefits of utility services and also, you can earn by making transactions. You get an assured cashback of 6 to 12% per transaction.

How can I add money?

First of all, you need to be a registered user. Log in with your registered user ID or phone number and password. You will get an option of Add money on the left. Click on it, enter the required amount, enter your UPI pin. Your money will be added in Safeupi wallet.

How much money do I earn when I add money in Safeupi Wallet?

You get a cashback of 6 to 12% depending on the plans which you have chosen. (You can get a glimpse of our plans from the homepage)

Why do I earn money when I add money to my Safeupi wallet?

We have tied up with several reputed companies such as Google Pay, Phone Pay, BHIM, etc. Whenever you make any transaction, the company pays us for making use of their platform. And that is what we offer you.

For which utility services can I pay using Safeupi ?

You can avail the benefits of several utility services using Safeupi . You can pay your electricity, water and gas bills, recharge your DTH, mobile, data card, book hotels, movie tickets, and much more.

How much money can I withdraw after adding money in my wallet?

The amount that you can withdraw depends on the amount that you have added. The withdrawal amount is decided by the software. You can get an idea about our plans from our homepage.